I have written following books on various topic.
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How to top the Crowd - By Dr. S.P.Sharma

How a person will spend his life, can easily be judged by his actions in childhood. The main deciding part of his/her childhood is the student life. It means if a person spends his/her student life with full commitment and interest, he or she will spent rest of life happily and comfortably ...More >>>

Longevity thru bio-chemic Medicine (A body friendly medicine) - By Dr. S.P.Sharma

It is hoped that this book will spread the massage to the reader and zeal to live longer than 400 years. It may seem miracle now but slowly it can turn into reality in near future. ...More>>>

Human Sexual Behaviour - By Dr. S.P.Sharma

This book shall also benefit the adolescent boys & girls who are going to face the challenges of adulthood later and wish to make their life enjoyable by understanding very useful aspect of adult life. ...More>>>

One Son & One Daughter - By Dr. S.P.Sharma

There is a research being presented in this book which can help the couples understand the process of child production and various factors affecting the gender of the child. One thing should be clear to the people that the gender of the child is decided the moment the sperm fertilizes the ovum, i.e. within hours of sexual intercourse and by no means can it be changed. No medicine can change the sex of the child after the confirmation of pregnancy ...More>>>

First AID through Bio-Chemic - By Dr. S.P.Sharma

As per the biochemic theory of medicine, the human body is continuously struggling with various body destructing enemies. The body does not show any symptoms of diseases till it is able to counteract the effect of various infections, viruses and bacteria. In case the body is not able to control the bad effect of enemies, ...More>>>

Control your blood pressure through Biochemic medicine - By Dr. S.P.Sharma

What is blood pressure:It is the measurement of the pressure of flowing blood in arteries and viens. The arteries supply blood to various parts of the body and the viens collect the blood drained out from the tissues to supply the blood to the heart for pumpig it to the lungs for exchange of CO2 with O2. The blood from the heart to the lungs goes through the pulmonary arteries at higher prssure and is collected back through pulmonary veins to heart for further pumping to the main arteries. ...More>>>

Etiology: The migraine is identified as pain in half head, middle of head, needling pain. Body becomes cold, blood pressure is lowered down, pulse may also be down. The pain may start in the morning and end in evening. The pain repeats after certain period may be fortnightly. The patient feels relaxed in normal, dark and peaceful place. Patient feels relaxation by tightening head with cloth. ...More>>>