Dr.  S. P. Sharma

       As per the biochemic theory of medicine, the human body is continuously struggling with various body destructing enemies. The body does not show any symptoms of diseases till it is able to counteract the effect of various infections, viruses and bacteria. In case the body is not able to control the bad effect of enemies, it starts showing certain symptoms of defeat. If the biochemic medicine is started immediately, it enhances the immunity of the body to counter the enemies and thus it takes a very short time to recover and the disease would not take a sever turn. Following is the recommended contents of first aid box which should be kept in ready condition.

1. Biocombination-2 (Bico-2)

2. Biocombination-6 (Bico-6)

3. Biocombination-8 (Bico-8)

4. Biocombination-11 (Bico-11)

5. Biocombination-23 (Bico-23)

6. Biocombination-25 (Bico-25)

7. Natrum Mur. 6X (NM 6X)

8. Mag. Phos. 6X  (MP 6X)

9. Calc. Sulf. 6X (CS 6X)

10. Silicia 6X (Sil 6X)

Diseases and use of medicines:

      Following treatment may be taken as soon as the symptoms appear. The same medicine can also be taken as a preventive medicine if there is a possibility of such a disease.

1. Indigestion and vomitting - bico-25 is the effective medicine for all types of indigestion problems such as flatulence, acidity, constipation, lack of appetite,, gastric pain etc.

2. Migraine, headache associated with vomiting sensation- NM 6X in acute case, for long term treatment- bico-25 (2 tab) + NM 6X (2 tab)

3. Diarrhoea- bico-8 (2 tab) + MP 6X (2 tab)

4. Fever- Bico-11 is a most popular medicine of fever such as viral, malaria, typhoid etc.  CS6X can also be added in case there is a sever infection.

5. Cough- Bico-6 is a good medicine for dry and wet cough. CS6X may also be added in case of a thick infectious sputam.

6. Pneumonia- Bico-6 ( 4 tab) +  CS 6X (1 tab) should be taken for a long time so that disease is totally cured.

7. Cyst, Sty- CS 6X + Sil 6X ( 2+2 tabs) will dissolve the waste  material without operation.

8. Asthma- Bico-2 is the normal medicine for asthma and should be taken for a long time. A maintenance dose of once a day may be necessary for life time.

9. Toothache, sensitive tooth- Bico-23 is a good medicine for preventing tooth decay and avoids need of tooth detachment.

10. Watering nose, coryza, esinophilia- NM 6X + MP 6X (2+2 tabs) may be taken till the esinophils count is reduced to acceptable level.

11. Insect bite- NM 6X may taken for 2-3 days till effect of insect bite is calm down.

12. Unhealing wound- CS 6X+Sil 6X (2+2 tab) may be taken as long as the wound is completely healed up. Simultaneously basic reason of such a disease should also be analysed to avoid any serious problem in future.

13. Stomachache- Bico-25 + MP 6X (2+2 tabs)

14. Watering mouth- Bico-25 may be taken along with avoidance of oily food and sour fruits. 

Dose: adults-4 tab 4 times a day in normal disease, every 2 hour in acute cases.

Children upto 7 years- 1/2 the dose of adults.

Nothing should be taken 1/2 hour before and after medicine.