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    1. Introduction    06
    2. Importance of education  08
    3. Aim fixing    10
    4. Minimum facility for study  12
    5. Study time table   14
    6. Effective memorizing   17
    7. Exercise requirement   19
    8. Hobbies    20
    9. God worship    21
    10. Sex education    22
    11. Do’s n Don’ts in student life  25
    12. Eye care    27
    13. A true life story   29
    14. Standard Time Table   31
    15. A sample prayer   32




      Dr. & Er. S.P.Sharma has been a very intelligent and hard working student. He was born in a remote village and in a very poor family. His father was peon in Govt of Uttar Pradesh, who had to leave his service after the grand father died leaving 2 brothers and 3 sisters on his shoulders. His father was some how managing the big family and did not have money to give his fees.

      With the parent’s guidance he continued taking scholarship along with fee free ship holding first position in his school level up to 12th class and remained in toppers in University of Roorkee (now IIT Roorkee). After completing his engineering he selected to join NTPC Ltd out of total five jobs he had in hand, at that moment.

      In this book, the author has tried to briefly describe the experiments and experiences of his student life which may become a necessary knowledge for the new entrants in the student life. The students can also be saved from bad habits which could become their companion for life.

      It is hoped that students shall follow the path shown in this book for their betterment and achieve the new heights in their life leaving the crowd of class fellows behind. They can utilize important student life time to enjoy whole life later on.      



      How a person will spend his life, can easily be judged by his actions in childhood. The main deciding part of his/her childhood is the student life. It means if a person spends his/her student life with full commitment and interest, he or she will spent rest of life happily and comfortably. In old days it was assumed that a person’s life comfort was judged by the family it got borne in, but today, after abolition of kingship and jamindari customs, such persons do not get comfort in their life if they do not study with full sincerity.

      A child who got birth in poor family may have to do a little harder work to get some thing which another person born in rich family can achieve with lesser efforts. But if the person born in rich family inherits some bad habits, he will loose all the benefits of his rich background very fast and he will be on the road very soon begging for survival.

      In life getting fame and getting money are two different things. A person may not get lot of money but may get lot of fame. There are lot of examples like mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Kiran Bedi, etc. who aspired for good things leaving monetary things behind. Some corrupt people can gain fame for a short while but they will ultimately come down in hearts of people when people come to know of their illegal sources of income.

      Some astrologers predict the life of people based on their kundli but is it really possible to gain any thing without real hard work. May be luck portion could work for 20% of success but 80% has to come from real work.

      The author also got birth in a very poor family. His parents could not afford his fees, but seeing his interest in studies; the school authorities had been granting him fee free ship and also gave him scholarship to afford books. With the support of people, teachers and principal, he could get position in district, and got qualified for a world renowned engineering college. He kept his efforts at the highest level leaving all the bad habits at bay just get some thing special in return.

      In this book we shall study the methods of study, memorizing methods and the bad habits to avoid, in order to achieve the successful, enjoying, comfortable and tension free life in future.  






      Education is as important as food for a person. As a person cannot live without food, the same way a person cannot spend a respectful and dignified life without education. A person without education remains undeveloped like a child and in today’s developed world he does not have access to the world of knowledge. He or she will always depend on the word of mouth without being able to check himself/ herself whether it is true or false. Many people in political rallies just believe blindly what their leaders say and they get agitated and get killed in riots only to the benefit of leaders.

      The illiterate people are afraid of the planets, nakshatras like Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter etc. as if they are real gods. But if he comes to know that they are simply clay balls revolving around in the space and do not have any major effect on our life except that Sun provides heat energy for our entire working, moon provides stability to earth revolution. The solar eclipse occurs because of moon coming in between sun and earth blocking sun rays to reach earth, similarly lunar eclipse occurs when earth comes in between moon and sun blocking sun rays to reach moon. There is no significance of Rahu and Ketu in real scientific world. With this knowledge any body will lose his fears because of all the unreal gods. Actually all the religions are created to provide regularity in society and to have a peaceful life keeping people afraid of all wrong doings. So they use some superstition to explain some of the intricate things.

      The second benefit of education is to make person self dependent to use natural resources for self benefit. Earlier the earthquake and cyclones were assumed to be god generated things and now if people come to know about them in time they can reach to safer places to save from the destruction. It has become possible only because of education. Many of the diseases which were taken as untreatable earlier can now be treated by doctors and most of the population can be saved from destruction.

      So now you must have understood the benefits of education. You can make your life independent of many fears of life, you can spend life happily, you can earn good amount of money and also earn fame in life. Although every body has to go, at last, empty handed but a person should live life fearlessly till he is alive. And this is possible only when you are educated. 





      3. AIM FIXING 

      The next step in education is aim fixing. In the beginning of study all the children study almost same books and syllabus but as the classes increase there are branches of study. One person cannot study all the branches and therefore he should select the best subjects he is good at or has interest in the field. While selecting the field he or she should think about the future aim and this is called aim fixing. You should decide what you want to become, an engineer, a doctor, a chartered accountant, a musician, a sportsman, an administrator etc. the decision of aim fixing should be made with the discussion with the experienced persons of different fields.

      The students normally face difficulties in finalizing the aim.  The population has increased tremendously and there are thousands of competitors. To overcome this problem, the student should select the favorite subjects just after class five and start preparing those subjects thoroughly. For example if you want to become an engineer or doctor then you should pay special attention to science and mathematics.  Similarly if you want to become a civil servant then put special effort on history, geography etc.

      Although now a days the scientists, engineers, doctors are also going to administrative services but they may not get the satisfaction and interest in job. Therefore sometimes they start earning black money just to overcome the frustration.

      The aim fixation also depends on the employability in the market. You would like to study those subjects which can assure you employment. In the modern age there are lots of opportunities of employment and you can get employment with almost any subject you study excellently.

      When you study, you come to know as to which subjects are harder and which are easier.  Actually the subjects in whom you have interest seem to be easier than the subjects in which you have less interest or do not like at all.  Therefore if you understand the importance of a subject and create interest then that subject may be easier. So your aim fixing shall require creating interest in the important subjects.

      For aim fixing you have to look around for various events taking place in the world and you have to develop a habit of collecting information on things required to achieve the aim.  You have to select only those things or habits which are complementary to the path of achieving the fixed aim.  You should not waste your time in all of the things of the world because it is not possible to excel in all fields.

      Fixing one aim does not mean that you should know about only one field and remain totally out of all other fields. You should always have a working knowledge about all other fields so that you may enter those fields if need arises.

      So keeping above in mind you should fix up your aim of life and discuss with some experienced persons to get full knowledge about the ways and means to achieve it.   




      For proper study, a special environment is necessary, free from economic ups and downs, free from any partiality.  In ancient days, the children were sent to ashrams where they were given similar treatment irrespective of their parental status.  Now a days, the ashrams having taken over by residential schools and colleges where very few children can avail the facility because of being costly and also because of being limited for the number of the children studying.  Therefore the parents have to make their house as an ideal ashram.

      The parents should provide a place in the house to their child free from noise pollution, also free from loneliness.  The parents have to provide peaceful company to their children during their study. The parents should take care that children are not affected by their personal differences and fighting.

      The children do not understand what is right and what is wrong for them, and try to run way from the study as soon as they find that none of the parents is observing them.  The parents have to keep presenting inspiring examples to persuade children to study harder this will help children fixing a role model for themselves.

      The important requirement for study for the student is a table, a chair, a light source to study in night time besides the peaceful atmosphere. All the discouraging elements should be ruled out of the life of the student. He should always find to dream a better life ahead. For the poor and remote villages where electricity is not reliable, LED table lamps are available which can be charged in day light and used in night.

      While studying the student should maintain a distance of 25 centimeters to keep eyes in good conditions. Special care has to be taken while lying in bed and studying so that to keep minimum distance of 25 cms between the book and the eyes. The sufficient books are also required for proper study. The poor students should take old books from seniors at lower cost to reduce expenditure.

      At last a watch is compulsorily required for proper study and also plan study as per time table. The watch is also helpful in examination when constant time monitoring is required   






      Now after you have fixed your aim, you have to fix up your study time because you require working hard using your time to the best use to achieve your goal. You have to fix up time for all the activities of whole day and follow your time table honestly.

      To frame up your time table following guidelines may be used:

    1. For children below 10 years, 8-9 hours of sleep is must. 
    2. For children above 10 years, 7 hours sleep is must.
    3. ½ hour sleep just after lunch helps in regain freshness and avoids early sleep in evening.
    4. Just walking 1 km after dinner helps your food mix up with digestive juices and food reaches intestine for proper digestion whole night. This will result in quick bowel motion in the morning and stomach will be properly cleaned to avoid any gastric problems.
    5. If you have a habit of taking some tea or milk before sleep, you should take it one hour before sleep.
    6. Time to play or yoga should be in early morning or in evening.
    7. The home work given in schools should be completed daily. Or at the most weakly.
    8. Some time should be kept for hobby work like doing some thing new, or music, reading news paper/ novel etc., teaching students or any other social work just to break monotony of study.
    9. Keep your sleeping time constant irrespective of seasons. It helps in having deep sleep at right time.
    10. Always sleep before 12.00 night, because after this it is difficult to have sound sleep.

      Taking above in mind you should make a time table and it should be put on the wall for all persons to see so that they know of your time of study and not disturb you unnecessarily. You can also request others to see you after the time of study or in the time available for general works like hobby, play etc.

      After your time table is made you should follow it always, except in special circumstances like some function in house. One thing you should keep in mind that the time spent will not come for you again, the functions etc. will continue one after another. It is difficult to accept this because when every body is enjoying you have to keep studying.  But keep in mind that you are studying for yourself and none other. If you have deviated for some time, you should try to come to the time table as soon as possible.

      For your facility a standard time table is given in appendix-1. You can modify it depending on your requirement of study time and entertainment time.

      Time table for subjects during exams should be just as the papers which are later should be studied first and the papers which are earlier should be studied later so that the first paper need not be prepared twice. Also you remember as much of the papers as possible. Also the hard chapters should be prepared before hand so as to leave easier sections for preparation just before exams. Some times few holidays are given before some subjects, then you can prepare those subjects during the holidays and need not prepare twice. However time required for preparing the subject should be sufficient.

      Keeping above in mind you should prepare your specific time table for school times, Sundays and holidays, and also for exams. This is a short term time table, you should also prepare a long term time table or a progress chart, monthly, yearly or five yearly, ten yearly, keeping all the possible occurrences. Like you have to appear in some competitions and preparation have to start now or after some time later.

      Thus a time table would help you in fixing up your priorities and follow them. 






      Memorizing is an art. The brain is an important part in memorizing. The other parts which help in memorizing are ears, eyes and attention. The brain has two parts for memory. One part keeps a temporary memory and the other a permanent memory. The process of sending information from temporary to permanent memory is by memorising after certain time gap again and again. Our brain records temporarily all the events in chronological order in temporary folder. The temporary memory has a limited capacity and keeps losing to record a new event.  The older memory, if repeated can be transferred to the permanent folder.

      The brain records information in two ways, one, recording in the picture form and other, in the form of logic linking.  The recording in the picture form consumes more of the memory space where as the logical memory takes less of space. Filling the picture memory requires cramming may be, with or without understanding, whereas the logical memory requires learning with logically linking information pieces with understanding.

      The students should try to convert most of the memory to logical linking so that to use the less of space.  Only in exams, the students should use the picture memory because it is comparatively short lived.

      The brain cells are made of protein.  The new cells are produced as per requirement and are joined to older cells full of memory. Therefore, as much as we use the brain, the new cells are formed and the memory space increases.  The protein rich diet supplies the organic requirement to form new cells.  The students should take milk, butter, cheese, egg, carrot, fish, reddish, palak, simple rice, cereals, lemon, orange, tomato, etc.  to supply the nutrients to brain.

      The other parts of the body which are necessary for learning are eyes and ears. If a student studies by speaking, his ears also feed information to the brain. But learning by speaking should be used only when it is not creating nuisance to others because it also consumes more energy due to conversion to sound energy also. The next thing compulsory to learning is attention.  The student should keep full attention while studying.  If any thought comes in mind, he should note it down on a piece of paper to consider it after present chapter is over.

      The student should note down very important formulae and phrases on a piece of paper, to see and review it at the time of exams for immediate memory.   






      The human body is a machine which requires working by all parts to keep it fit from all angles.  The students mostly do the brain work and less of a labour work.  Therefore to develop the body parts they have to do a little of exercise.  You can select the suitable game, indoor or outdoor, depending on the availability of the facility in your area.  You can go for swimming, cycling, running, volleyball, football, cricket etc. to keep your self fit.

      The students who belong to farmers or labour category may not require additional exercise as they already have enough of it during normal days. Similarly the girls can find suitable exercise when they do household chores like washing clothes, kitchen work etc. although they may go for any particular game if they so desire so as to excel in the game.

      You should keep at least one hour in your time table for exercise or some labour work. Although in times of exams you may avoid outdoor games and go for short time indoor exercise.  The exercise should be done in the morning or in the evening. Taking bath after exercise gives you freshness.

      You must have experienced that while sleeping for more time or studying in one position, the body starts paining because of lack of blood circulation to all parts.  Therefore the exercise helps in getting blood supply to all the parts to remove their pain and getting them properly developed.  



      Hobby is termed as a way of passing time just to break the monotony of normal work. For a student, hobby may be reading novel, reading news paper, giving tuitions to junior students, to innovate some thing new or converting your idea into a working model, gardening, carpentry etc. The hobby is such chosen that it does not interfere with your study schedule and also make use of your knowledge. In colleges, the students are given some project work so as to use their bookish knowledge into practical life.

      Some students can use hobby for earning some money so as to afford your on-going study. The poor students can do some tuition or work part time at home or at some other place for 1-2 hours just to earn a feed to livelihood. The student should take care of the hobby time and effort that it should not interfere or affect your studies because all that you are doing is for making your study meaningful. 

      Some schools also arrange NCC, NSS, mountaineering, educational tours etc which are part of hobbies category. Some sort of social jobs like adult education, caring of aged people, teaching orphans etc. can also be taken in this category. 



      The study requires your mind to be fully attentive. Sometimes when you study you find that your mind wanders to some things which you have seen sometime before or you may have seen happening around. Many of those things, happening around you, are not in your control. Therefore you find it difficult to solve those problems. For example you may be living in such an area where there is lot of noise pollution or the people around are not good and you find environment totally irritating. In such cases you have to find some way to get rid of the disturbance.

      There are two ways to get rid of unwanted atmosphere around you. Either you leave that area or you meditate or worship god to forget and nullify all the unwanted things. You cannot leave the area because wherever you go, you may find it infected with some sort of problems which may be different than earlier ones. Therefore it is better that you meditate to concentrate your mind on the study. You can practice yoga for this purpose when you start your study, in the morning and also in the evening.

      Second way to concentrate your mind is to say prayer to god for 5 minutes just before study. With the prayer to god, you can leave all your worries and disturbances to god and concentrate on your studies. I am not in favour of worship in temples and to waste time in religious gatherings because they basically are diverting people to superstitions. By worshipping god I mean that you have some super natural power and you can leave all the failures to god so that your mind is always concentrated usefully on the studies. You concentrate on your work; the god will give results commensurate to your effort.



      My child! Every body has been created by nature and it is the law of nature that one who is created has to die. The new similar species has to take his place to make life continuing. Therefore nature has given all the living beings including all animals and plants to reproduce. It means they have to reproduce or make similar species to give to nature. All the children are produced by union of male (i.e. father) and female (known as mother). The nature has given them powers to reproduce boy or girl one at a time or sometimes more than one child (but rarely).

         A little of sex education is must for children. They must know that they are going to encounter body changes between the ages of 10-14 years in girls and between 13-16 years in boys. The girls start developing breasts and accumulating fat around hips making their figure attractive to males. They also start menstruating, a kind of blood flow for 3-4 days through vegina (known as Yoni in Hindi), reproductive channel, also known as child birth passage. The girls have a menstruation cycle (MC) with a period of 25 – 35 days. The girl becomes capable of producing child after she starts MC. To remain hygienic during MC, the girl should use blood absorbing cotton pieces like stayfree or carefree. The girls also start feeling attraction towards boys due to increased level of female hormone called oestrogen, produced by ovaries. Some girls become victims of sexual encounters during this age and can become pregnant or unwed mothers. Emergency pills are available like I-pill or pill-72 which has to be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex to avoid pregnancy.

         The boys at the age of puberty start feeling heavy voice, developing moustache and beard due to increased level of testosterone produced by testicles, the two balls hanging in the sack below penis. The penile length starts increasing; they feel more of penis erection, and increased attraction towards girls. They also start nightfalls, a kind of auto discharge from penis during dreams which is normally avoided if they indulge in natural sexual activity or healthy self stimulation, also known as masturbation. At this time the boy is capable of fertilizing any woman if he comes in sexual contact with her.

         The attraction between boy and girl at the age of puberty is quite natural. They mate with their reproductive organs, penis going inside vegina, to release sperms which react with the ovum produced by female body, and the girl becomes pregnant, resulting in stoppage of MC for nine months when the fully grown child takes birth through veginal passage, a painful event for girls and can be dangerous for teenaged girls due to underdeveloped body. Therefore, Government of India has fixed the legal age of marriage for girls as 18 years and for boy, 21 years. By this age the boys and girls have fully developed bodies and finish their studies and become self dependant to start a family on their own.

         Now a days, most of boys and girls are going for career oriented courses. So they normally go for marriage around the age of 25 years. During study, sexual encounters are not preferable because, it diverts attention away from studies and also can cause pregnancy to unwed mothers, bringing shame to girls’ as well as boy’s family in Indian culture. Also it can result into sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) resulting in AIDS which makes body’s immunity ineffective and the body remains always infected with some sort of infection, resulting early end to life. The AIDS can be acquired by unprotected sex, unsterlised syringes, infected blood transfusion and from infected mother or father to the child at the time of birth.

         Your body is designed for a period of 400 years therefore you have sufficient time for sexual experiments after marriage. Hence it is preferable to go for sexual intercourse only after marriage and only with one partner to live longer and to avoid the dreaded diseases. Therefore you should concentrate on your studies and avoid any disturbance due to unimportant and anti social activities. After finishing your study faster, you become entitled for early marriage and to enjoy your life fully without any fear, for rest of your life.

         I know few of friends who indulged in sexual encounters early in student life with number of partners and got infected. They lost important time of study and could not get success in life. Ultimately they are remaining at the lowest cadre of workers, whereas my friends could reach to highest officer cadre due to proper use of student life away from immature sexual life. Therefore it is best to start sexual life only when you are fully educated and attained an acceptable level of economic independence in life. You should indulge in sex only after marriage and that will be a fully satisfying relationship throughout your life.  




      So children! By now you must have understood the importance of student life. This part of life is very important and enjoyable. Important, because its success makes your total life enjoyable. You become capable of handling your life independently and no body can take you for granted. You come to know of your rights and the way to achieve them. The student life is enjoyable because you are without any responsibility of a family life and you don’t have to worry about others in the family. You can play with friends, go to different places and increase your knowledge without any body saying that you have to save money for your children.

      There are some dos and don’ts in student life, if you want to become successful in your life. First thing is that you don’t waste your time in unnecessary things like gathering for rallies, gossips, marriage parties etc. such occasions you will get numerous once you are settled with handsome salary. Some times the festivals also consume lot of time which could be otherwise used for study purpose.

      You should not indulge in any kind of copying or cheating in exams. You will never feel confident of passing the exams if you use some sort of unfair means. You may not get any benefit of cheating because every where you have to pass some examination or competition to cross hurdles and the cheating or copying can not be allowed always. Second reason for not copying is that it may spoil your career if caught once. So why take such a chance. It is better to select only those subjects which are your favorites so that you may not require unfair means to pass those papers.

      Other things which you should avoid are smoking, drinking and drugs because they totally spoil your beautiful and delicate body and the habit cannot be controlled later. The persons doing all this die at the age of 50 years other wise they could go beyond 100 or 150 years. The smoking increases carbon mono oxide level in blood which renders part of blood hemoglobin useless for 120 days, thus the bad effect of smoking today shall remain in your body for next four months and further smoking gives cumulative bad effect. This decreases your body capacity in all the fields including immunity, especially sexual capacity is drastically reduced. The lungs get a smoke coating inside which renders exchange of carbon dioxide with oxygen ineffective and can proceed to lung cancer.

      Drinking has bad effect on lever and can lead to various diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, hepatitis, Parkinson and finally lever cancer, thus cutting life span to less than 50 years. If you have heard about a person celebrating his 138th birthday in Rajasthan, India, it is certain that he did not smoke or drink in life and followed very natural life away from all the bad habits. 





      Dear children! Eyes are the most important part of our body. You can not imagine life without eyes. You could see the colourful side of nature with the help of eyes and spend life enjoying all through. Just imagine the hard life of children who are not able to see starting from birth. They are not able to know the true colours of nature except the darkness all around. Therefore once the god has given this beautiful gift we should preserve it for our life time. In some services, standards of vision are set to be perfect. For example in air force for pilot officer, the candidate should be without glasses.

      A perfect eye has a measurement of 6/6; it simply means that you should be able to see a 6 mm height letter from a distance of 6 meters in a normal light intensity. Its measurement for worse eye goes to 6/12, 6/24, 6/36. Basically 6/12 means that you are able to see a letter from 6 meters of distance which a normal person can see from a distance of 12 meters. 99% of children are born with perfect eyes but due to upbringing problems almost 20% children get eye defects by the age of 20 years.

      Some usual defect in eyes can be noted if the child shows any of the following habit:

    1. If the child stares at one place or close or covers one eye.
    2. If the child squeezes one eye to see distant things.
    3. If the child closes eye more often than usual, some times crying.
    4. If the eyes are always red, dry or watering.
    5. If the child feels headache while reading, opaque vision, seeing double or multiple things.
    6. If the child read books from very near.
    7. If the child is not able to see board clearly.
    8. Frequent sty infection or squint in eyes.


      Following precautions would help to maintain proper eye sight:

    1. The child should be allowed to see Television at a distance of 3 meters minimum.
    2. Food containing Vitamin-A, B, C should be given to the child.
    3. Food containing iron should be given to the child to maintain required hemoglobin.
    4. The study room should be properly lighted and ventilated.
    5. Such games like gilli danda, etc. which can be fatal for eyes, should be avoided to save eyes from direct hit. At least a protective cover like spectacles can be used to play such games.
    6. Proper use of sharp tools and objects like pen, pencil, screw driver etc. should be told to the children so as to avoid damage to eyes.
    7. A minimum distance of 25 cms should be maintained between eyes and the books and special care is needed when studying while sleeping.     

      The above precautions can certainly provide you the proper vision all through your life. 



      Now is the time I should tell you about one living legend who could achieve high levels in society despite his birth in lowest strata of society. He is Mr. Radhakrishnan who got selected in NTPC Ltd as engineer along with the author and later selected in railways. Today he is working as chief engineer in Indian Railways. His story is like this.

      He got birth in a slum area in Chennai. His parents shifted from a remote village in Karnataka to Chennai in search of a job. His father got a job of house to house paper delivery. He opened a shop of magazine and old books for the children of slum area. This boy along with his sister had to sit on the shop whenever his father was on outside jobs. He studied in govt. school where he could hardly pay the fees, therefore always got fee freeship due to standing first in the class.

      He topped Chennai in class Xth and XIIth and was awarded the top student prize by the district collector. He also got selected in Govt. scheme for higher education for admission to engineering college in Russia on Govt. of India expenses. But bad luck was in store for him. His father could not bear the happiness on success of his son and died of heart attack.

      On death of his father, Radhakrishnan had two choices either, to go to Russia for engineering education and leave his mother and small sister to fend for themselves, or to leave Russian study offer and get a small job to feed his family. He selected later choice and reached to the district collector for some small job so that he could feed his family. The district collector recognized him and thought pity on the boy he had rewarded with the best student prize and gave a job of personal assistant in his office.

      Now comes the turn of his luck. A chief engineer came to see the District Collector and got impressed by the way this boy behaved with him to give him appointment with promptness and respect. Seeing a small boy working in the office, he inquired about him from the district collector. After knowing his plight he called the boy in his office. He asked him to take admission in the engineering college and he offered the pocket expenses to him along with full fee freeship in the college. He also offered to her mother a job of maid servant in his house so that the small sister could also study.

      Thus he could complete his study and became engineer in NTPC ltd. Then he reached the chief engineer to return the money he gave him as a pocket money. The chief engineer asked him to help some other boy to continue his study who may be poor but intelligent.

      By this story you can understand that if you want to study and progress, there will always be some persons to help you and also that the difficulties may come but can not stand against your determination. 




    Time (hrs) Sun & holidays School days Exam. Days
    6.00-7.00 Getting up and bathing Getting up and bathing Getting up and bathing
    7.00-9.00 A free time for cleaning your room School Fast revision
    9.00-10.00 Breakfast school Exam
    10.00-11.00 Study School Exam
    11.00-13.00 Study School Exam
    13.00-14.30 Study School Free time
    14.30-16.00 Lunch & brief sleep Lunch & brief sleep Lunch & brief sleep
    16.00-17.00 Study Study Study
    17.00-19.00 Games & hobbies Games & hobbies Games & hobbies
    19.00-21.00 Study Study Study
    21.00-21.30 Dinner Dinner Dinner
    21.30-23.00 Study Study Study
    23.00-6.00 Sleep Sleep Sleep




      Oh God! You are almighty, full of light, full of knowledge, you are producer and destroyer of every thing on earth and you are source of infinite inspiration and enjoyment. I am submitting myself, my body and my soul to you. Please help me achieve my goal; remove all the hurdles in my life. Give me purified wisdom, away from all evils. I wish to put my life for good of human kind to get free from cycle of life and death.

      Everyone should be my friend and all enemies should be disabled. My soul should be freed from all evils of anger, drugs, selfishness, anti-social thinking so that I can enjoy my life fully.

      Thankfully, I bid my respect to you a hundred times. Please protect me. You are all in all for me.

      Ohm Shankarotu Shankarah.