Dr. S. P Sharma

BE(Mech), MBA, PhD

      I am an engineer from IIT Roorkee, MBA, PhD(Bus. Admn, pursuing). I have qualified a certificate course in alternative medicine, practicing Biochemic Medicine and Magnet Therapy since 1996, treated patients having chronic problems, which include peptic ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, optic nerve infection, migraine, high blood pressure, lack of height growth, chronic fever, diabetes, sexual dysfunctions, arthritis, chonic allergies, asthma etc. So far I have written two books for children, Hum Honge Kamyab ( Hindi), How to top the crowd ( English) and four books in medical field, Manchahi Santan Kitni Asan ( Hindi), Longevity Thru Biochemic Medicine (English),  Human Sexual Behaviour ( English), One Son & One Daughter ( English).

      Published articles regarding treatment of various chronic diseases in various in-house magazines. The diseases are analysed & daignosed on wholistic pattern, and treated on a different mechanistic way assuming the body as human machine. Engaged with an NGO for treatment of orphans and down trodden people. Continuously making research efforts in longevity of human life. The treatment through alternative medicine promises to increase human life as long as 400 years.

      The constitution of Virtual Hospital is an effort to bring all medical experts at one platform and allow the human kind from all over the world for treatment through alternative medicine including modern medicine & surgeries in case of emergencies, so as to ensure longevity.