(A unit of Lifeline Ashram Trust, BulandShahr, UP, India)

Background: As per recent research, the human body is designed for a life of 400 years. Some people like Indian Rishis and Saints have achieved it. Normal humans have also claimed life of around 140 years in India and else where. With the use of alternative medicines, we can achieve the longevity of even 400 years as an ideal figure. The lifeline400 club is an effort in this direction.

Vision: To enjoy extended life with love, respect and dignity in social and natural environment and achieve maximum longevity.

Eligibility: All 50+ age, irrespective of caste, religion, citizenship.

Location: In National Capital Region in BulandShahr, 90 Km from Delhi, 15 Km from nearest Ganga waters.

Facilities: Free hospital facilities with allopathy and alternative therapies , swimming pool, indoor games, library and innovation centre, studio apartment, common mess.

Charges: Permanent members- Rs.5.0 Lacs (Casual members Rs.2.5 Lacs) as security deposit, Rs.1000/- p.m. maintenance charges, other services to be charged as per consumption. Single females 50% concession on security deposit. Fooding and care charges of Rs.5000/- per month for a couple and Rs. 3000/- for single occupancy during period of stay .

Stay in club: Permanent members shall be allotted apartment on lifetime basis for the couple. Casual members can stay continuous for 10 days every month. Spouses shall be allowed to stay after members death as transferred membership.

Terms and conditions: Apartments non-transferable to children. Security deposit shall be refunded without interest/ premium to member/kin on surrender of membership.

Payment stages:

A.      Permanent Members:

1.       Rs.20,000/- alongwith membership confirmation.

2.       Rs.80,000/- on confirmation of land purchase agreement.

3.       Rs.1,00,000/- on start of construction of apartments.

4.       Rs.2,00,000/- on completion of building structure.

5.       Rs.1,00,000/- on finishing and handing over of apartment.

B.      Casual Members:

1.       Rs.20,000/- alongwith membership confirmation.

2.       Rs.80,000/- on confirmation of land purchase agreement.

3.       Rs.1,50,000/- on finishing of apartment.

Expected date of start of services: Dec’2014

Club managing committee:

1         Chairman:           Mr. MV Srinath, Addl.GM, NTPC Ltd, email:;

2         Vice Chairman:   Mr. AmitGautam, Addl.GM, NTPC Ltd, email:;

3         Secretary:            Mr. S. P. Sharma, Dy.GM, NTPC Ltd

4         Jt. Secretary:       Mr. Rajiv Panwar,  Major (retd.), email:,

5         Org. Secretary:    Mr. NarainMathur, Dy.GM, NTPC Ltd,

6         Treasurer             Mr. J.P.Upadhyay, Sr.M (F&A), NTPC Ltd

7         Jt. Treasurer:       Mr. Manoj Jain, Dy.GM, NTPC Ltd


Contact for membership and further details:

Mr. S.P.Sharma,


6/45, sect-2, Rajendra Nagar

Sahibabad, Ghaziabad-201005

Ph: +91 9818679226