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We have innovated natural treatment for chronic diseases. Patients having chronic problems like Headache, migraine, hypertension, diabetes, kidney trouble, liver problems, lungs problem, heart problem, arthritis, lupus, parkinson, digestion, skin diseases, allergy, asthama, body pain, blood circulation problems, etc. may contact us for permanent, natural and cheaper treatment.

On-Line  Consultancy for Patients,

Indian/ International Patients welcome (mutually suitable consultancy timings)

Membership fee INR500/- (USD20) per year per family


Arsenicum Album-30, Vitamin-C, Bico-11, Cytrus fruits, Chew Garlic,

Treat Corona Patients at Home, contact for further details


Welcome to Lifeline400 Virtual Hospital and Old Age Home called Long Stay Homes. Here all the efforts are aimed at increasing healthy age of each and every member. It is a concept of Dr S.P.Sharma, who is practitioner of engineering medicine which includes health analysis based on engineering model and treatment through body friendly medicines, such as Homeopathy, Biochemic, Magnet Therapy and Naturopathy. 
A human body is designed to last for 400 years. This has been proved by the experiments on mouse, when treated with body friendly medicines, it could live for 20 years, 4 times its normal life of 5 years. This is a step towards formation of a virtual hospital having almost all types of consultants concentrating on preventive medicine so as to avoid any disease to take a shape in the body. Our team of consultants will enable your trouble free journey to your designed life. The persons  can consult the experts directly through emails or by even contacting them in person. We shall make all efforts to bring out the latest techniques and medical devices, medicines to give you the longest ever life. The soft copies of the books mentioned on the site can be purchased through email for which a separate email correspondence may please be made.


‘Long Stay Homes Cum Vikalp Hospital’ Project is underway to house 200 couples (including old age couples), on membership basis, for lifelong stay for husband and wife, with one time refundable deposit. The campus shall have all the facilities of day and night care along with light social engagement just to keep them feeling useful to society. The facility shall include swimming pool, library, yoga, cultural rooms etc. to feel the lively environment. We will have in-house treatment facility for general ailments, however for serious ailment the hospitals nearby shall be utilized, whenever required. The food shall also be organically grown in local area. the project is located near Anoopshahr city of Distt Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh state of India, on the banks of holy river Ganga.

The persons desirous of achieving longevity should become members of the Lifeline400 Club. The members shall be guided free of cost on various aspects and diseases of human body. Some of the problems they can tackle in their own houses while for some diseases they need to come to the Long Stay Homes for continuous care and treatment. All efforts shall be made to provide full comfort physical and mental so that they always feel energetic and motivated in life so as to maintain interest in long life.

There is no restriction of age for membership in the Long Stay Homes, however preference shall be given to people aged above 50 years of age, but the youngsters who want to achieve longevity in their life can start thinking about good practices for longevity. The youngsters shall be trained for longevity life style and treated with Engineering Medicine if needed. We assure them full care in their old age.      


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Dr. & Er. S.P.Sharma

BMBS. B.E. , MBA, Naturopath, Engineering Medicine


Dr. S. P. Sharma, Naturopath
Contact places with prior appointment only
C-0305, Homes 121 Society, Sector-121, Noida,

6/45, Sector-2, Rajendra Nagar, Ghaziabad,

247, Royal Paradise Colony, Near Descent Public School, Dadri, UP, India

Ph. +919650999196 (Whatsapp)
Consult timings, 10AM-9PM IST, 24×7 on whatsapp

Skype: spsharma711

Contact for treatment of chronic problems such as- Blood Pressure, Migraine,

Diabetes, Kidney Problem, Parkinsonism, Acidity, Obesity, Piles, Sexual Problems, etc.


Dr. Seema Mahesh, MD, BHMS

#302, ground floor, 9th main,
Canara Bank Colony,
Nagarabhavi main road,
Vijayanagar, Bangalore 560072
Ph: +91 9449084747,


Dr. Archana Kumar, BHMS (BU)
Clinic: Shop no. FF-110, Gaur city plaza,
Gaur city-1, Gr.Noida West
Distt. Gautam Buddha Nagar, UP

Ph: +91 9873053681


Dr. Shefali Agarwal, BHMS
Clinic: Shop no.9, inside Jindal Market,

Shyam Park Extension, Sahibabad

Ghaziabad, UP
Ph. +91 9560737765
Consult timings, 6pm-8pm IST

Our Doctors on Panel







Latest News

-Migraine is not a disease in itself but an indication of digestive system problem. It can be predicted before onset and can be avoided permanently  with Engineering medicine.

-High Blood Pressure is not a disease but an indication of blood circulatory system problems and can be treated permanently with Engineering medicine.

-Diabetes is a result of mismatch of calorie in and calorie out, which can be treated by exercise and taking fruits or reducing intake food.

-Parkinson is a symptom of loose muscles which can be treated by light exercise, massage, avoiding alcohol, and through Engineering Medicine.

-Arthritis is an indication of high uric acid in blood which can be controlled by reducing protein intake and taking Engineering Medicine.

-Fever is an indication of some infection somewhere in the body, should be treated by taking medication for the infection, Paracetamol should not be excessively used because it cause lever damage. Fever below 100 deg F is not dangerous and paracetamol should be avoided.

What Members saying

” This is a very good move for a get together of old age and single persons to find their companion away from social boundaries. The persons of like conditions shall help each other to live a long life.”

Sh. V. Srinath

Jaipur, India

” A person’s worst killer is loneliness. This club allows people to find groups which need someone to talk to and share their own experiences of life. This way they can be in lighter mood in the end of their life.”

Ms. Manju

Lucknow, India

” The lifeline 400 club gives an opportunity to get treatment in a natural way and body friendly way, so that to live a longer life. The stay in a natural environment gives an added benefit of disease free life.”

Ms. Nirja

Pune, India